Monday, November 1, 2010

Play Date Cafe Entry #1


I found a great blog called The Play Date Cafe and every week they give you a challenge idea to create a card with. Usually having to do with specific colors. And the winner gets a prize. :)  And they give you almost a whole week to do it.
I ran out of time on the last challenge, but I swore I would finish something this week!
This week's challenge colors were Burgundy, White and Black (I love this combo).

I was trying out new techniques (using Pearl Ex to paint with), which probably wasn't such a hot idea because I spent a lot of time making this card and I'm really not happy with it. It's totally wonky. BUT, I'm submitting it anyway. I don't care!  Isn't this exciting? I love looking at everyone else's entries as well. So many creative people out there.

Okay, so, here is my card:

Wish me luck. ;) 


  1. Lovely card, love those polka dots and added flowers! Thanks for playing at the PDCC.

  2. What a neat idea! I may just have to join in on the fun...
    I love your polka dots too!

  3. Aw, thanks Jo. I would LOVE if you had time to join in the fun! There are many, many, many challenge sites out there, but this one appeals the most because it gives you a lot of creative freedom and a whole week to do it. All the others I've seen are same day. And no prizes. ;) Not that I care about that so much, it's just a little added competitive element.
    I wish you could see that rose better. It's all shimmery from the Pearl Ex and has a lot of color dimension. It's really pretty. Bad photo angle.