Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Am Blessed

SOOO....yesterday was an amazing day for me. I won not one, but TWO give aways I had entered!!!
Here I am, money tight, dreaming about buying new fabric and supplies for my shop, when I received an email telling me I had won the Urban Threads  give away. The prize being this:

10 packs of embroidery thread in a super cute pincushion box. I have bought many machine patterns from this shop in the hopes that I will one day have an embroidery machine to sew with. LoL That's how much I love them! For now, I have to rely on my little fingers to do the talking, and this thread will come in very handy for some new hand embroidery patterns I have also purchased. This shop is one of a kind. Love them!

THEN...later that night, I was reading my nightly Stash Manicure email. Every day (but Saturdays) I get an email with a new guest blogger showing different projects and organization techniques to help trim 'the stash' of fabric that all quilters and sewers seem to collect. I don't have that problem yet...haha...I have no problem using every bit I have, but I love reading the experiences of other fabric lovers and seeing all their cool projects. Anyway...they have a give away at the end of every month and lo and behold..I won!!! 
The prize was a full Fat Quarter Bundle of Robert Kauffman's Paperdoll 1930's Reproduction fabric line. And a beautiful quilting book .

The gal that manages the blog is the one and only Madam Samm, who I have talked about before due to her amazing Mug Rugs. Well, she sent me a link to a picture of the box that is going out for me tomorrow and what do I see there?? She put in a bunch more goodies for me, including my VERY OWN M.S. Mug Rug. *squeeee*!!!   I know you think I'm nuts, but I just go crazy for such beautiful craftsmanship and I am so honored to be the recipient of one of these lovely items. Thank you so much Stash Manicure and Madam Samm for giving me a smile that has not come off my face for the last 16 hrs. Yes, I'm pretty sure I was even smiling in my sleep. ;) 

Hope everyone had as glorious a Monday as I did...!


  1. Oh you are so very lucky!! What a nice surprise to put you in the Holiday spirit, don't you think?? I'm so in love with mug rugs that I spent over $115 on fabric with hubbie's approval because I'm going to make all of his "office" Christmas gifts, etc...plus he loves my sewing and supports my quilting habit. I only have 8th grade sewing skills so I've had to take quilting classes which will open your eyes to how much easier it is when you know hat you're doing!! Ha!! Good luck. Welcome to Blogworld. I'll be back to visit!
    Gmama Jane

  2. Congratulations on winning such nice prizes!