Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fancy Pants

I have a new fancy phone that allows me to update Blogger on the go! I know this technology is not news, but it is to me! Having fun with it.

The picture is of Chewie spying on our painters, making sure they are doing it right. :)


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quilts of Valor

I just stumbled upon a home for my new quilting skills.

Quilts of Valor
They give quilts to service men and women who have been mentally and physically affected by their service, in a negative way. This goes for current and past service people!
I know I could *never* and I mean NEVER be in the armed forces. So I am truly grateful for those who can and do join up. This program gives me an opportunity to say Thank You.

I am so excited to start working on my first quilt!! Actually..just my first block.
I've joined the online quilting bee   (see widget to the right) that will take just blocks and then put them together to make whole quilts if you haven't got the time (or...skills?) to make a whole one.
I just love this!!

My brother is in the Army stationed in Korea. He is an Apache Helicopter pilot and has done two tours in Iraq. I originally wanted to find a patriotic quilt pattern and fabric to make him a quilt (which I will stilll be doing), but then I stumbled on Quilts of Valor. What an awesome national service project.

Go check it out!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Outfit for my Niece

Soooo....I got the urge to create some baby clothes. My little niece is so dang cute (I'm biased, but she is) and I needed to make something just as cute as her.

I have a ton of pretty, rose themed fabric. I just absolutely love Shabby Chic and have visions of beautiful baby clothes in my head. Alas, it never turns out that way for me. lol

Here is the finished outfit. The bloomers are jumbo size, as is the hat. The hat did not come out right, so I had to fudge it with a ribbon and a bow. My blog is my confessional or something...I always have to come clean with my snafu's. ;)

AND, I did not have enough fabric of either print to make the dress one color, so I had to split it up, and the bloomers too. That was NOT in the original pattern design. haha...But hey, it makes this particular outfit all ME from top to bottom. ;)

Someday she will be able to fit in it, and it has a tag in the bloomers 'Handmade by Aunt Jan'.  <3

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Beginnings: Feast of St. Patrick Part Four: A Gift for Mr. Tic...

Here is my sister blogging about the Sock Monkey and blanket I made my nephew Francis for his 3rd birthday, using the 5 Funky Monkey's fabric by Erin Michael. She's a much better blogger than me, I have to say. :)

New Beginnings: Feast of St. Patrick Part Four: A Gift for Mr. Tic...: "I love how even though my sister lives on the opposite side of the States, she still finds a way to pop up during our celebrations! In this ..."

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Valentine's Treats

I know I am seriously late in posting this, but I still wanted to share.
My sister sent me a super sweet Valentine's package that just made my month. >:D

This is a picture she made with all the kids handing me a lollipop. And there was a bag of candy goodies attached to the back. 

This is another hand made card she did, with a picture of the two us in the center from when she was a baby and I was 9. Also some more candy. :) We have big sweet tooths in my family.

There was also a card made by Malia and the other kids, and some treats for Chewie and Bella too!

The main card - stationary that I had given Jodi a couple years ago, and a handmade pin cushion from Malia. She had seen the idea in a library book and wanted to make it for me. Is that not the sweetest thing??!!
I love it and have been using it for my pretty decorative pins. 

And finally, a book about the Beatles that had made it's way through the fam. We are all Beatles fans as well. But, I told her the buck stopped with me. This baby is not going anywhere!! I'm keeping it, forever. ;) 

Here is Chewie enjoying his treat from Aunt Jodi.

And Bella doing the same. I had, coincidentally, gotten them the same treats for V-Day (great minds think alike) so they were very spoiled this year.

And that's it! I have an amazing sister and nieces and nephews, whom I love very much. Thanks Jo and kiddies!