Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Style Stitches Monthly Challenge - Month 5

This month our challenge was for the Perfectly Pleated Clutch. Available in 3 sizes. So far I'm the only one who has made all three sizes. Doh! It was a lot of work, I can tell you that. But I wanted to do all three because I knew that I would need at least one practice run. And sure enough, that small one did not come out as planned. But, I was able to get some help from a friend on installing my zippers and once I was able to observe my mistake, I went back and read the instructions with news eyes and figured out how to correct it.
And it worked! The next two came out great! I was pretty excited. My first 'perfect' zipper installation.

These were made with fabric from the Ty Pennington Impressions fabric line, in quilting weight. I just looooove the coral color. So summery. :)

At the beginning of the year I signed up to participate in a Pay It Forward challenge for crafty items and I will be giving the large two bags to others as part of that. The small one will probably go to my niece to play with. ;)

It was a great challenge this month, for sure!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Visit from Jenn

Well, so I'm only a month late. ;)
Here, finally, are pics of what I received from Jenn during her visit and our swap.
It is a book with pages to hold this, that and the other of small sewing things, and places to hold needles and threads and anything else I might need a place for. It is AMAZING. See if you can recognize any of my previously used fabrics and embellishments. ;)

Here is the front


And the Back

That was my brooch. And big, red Rose. And bat. etc, etc. :)

Front Dedication Page. The polka dot fabric is fuzzy to hold needles.
The plastic pages are zip locked and reinforced with red and zebra duct tape. !! 

Embellishment on the side. Signature Jenn with the fabric and ribbon scraps. 
She also loves keys and hid one in there. 

                       Those red blocks were not mine, but the little black and white button was.

Is she amazing, or what??