Friday, November 12, 2010

My Mug Rug Attempt

Okay, so...everyone whose blog I subscribe to (almost everyone, I swear!) has been showing off some absolutely gorgeous Mug Rugs. These are quilted little 'rugs' about 5 x 8 or so. One side is used as a coaster for your mug and the other side can be used for snacks or spoons or sugar packets, or what have you.

And there are some SUPER CUTE ones out there! Let me show you:

By Jennifer at That Girl...That Quilt

By Carol over at Carol's Crafty Creations

And seriously..the Queen of Mug Rugs...Madame Samm. Check these out:

And that's just a sample of the ones she has done!

Well, I thought I would make one for my Aunt's birthday. Something with a pretty Fall theme.
And I tried. And tried. And tried some more.

And do you know what got me every single time?? The binding. I tried piping. I tried double fold bias tape, single fold, you name it. And STILL couldn't get this thing right. I finally gave up because I was already five days late getting the darn thing in the mail and honestly, I was sick of trying. lol 
So here is the final product that she will have to love despite it's flaws because she's family. ;) 


I guess I will keep trying to make the perfect Mug Rug and keep trying to get the knack of binding. I'm sure that by next Autumn I will have it down. ;) 

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  1. I really love this (despite the pain it caused you!)and I know Aunt Lois will too. The leaf cutout is a great touch.