Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Style Stitches Monthly Challenge - Month 2

Hi there,

I wanted to show you all the finished February bag of the month from the Style Stitches Monthly Challenge. I WILL remember to get them into Flickr this month. ;) Click this link if you want to check out all the other participants.

The bag is called the Reversible Everyday Shopper. I suppose mine could be reversible...but, when the fabric requirements said Home Dec, I went seriously Home Dec. I call this bag my Mary Poppins Carpet Bag. ;) The interior fabric would be right at home on an Edwardian Wingback. Yikes! It is thick and heavy. The whole bag is heavy. Fill that with groceries and you better hope you have a sturdy bike or at least that you work out regularly. Live and learn!

You will also notice that I added some of my own style this time. I added the cream ribbon flower and border to the front pocket. I thought it was seriously drab and kinda boring otherwise.

Anyway! Without further ado:

This is the back:

Interior with huge blurred pocket:


  1. I think it is a very pretty bag. The added trim really does make the bag. Wow, how many needles did you break sewing thru all those thick layers? I browsed thru the flicker group - some very lovely bags, not found of the 'over-sized' ones, I think yours really stands out in the crowd. Well done.

  2. Wow! This bag is so pretty! I love that you added the ribbon and bow. Great job, as always!

  3. This is a great bag. Will it be for sale?