Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Date Night

So, the hubby and I have incorporated a new thing. Date Night. We have never set up a regular, set night for this kind of stuff. But, our lives are so busy now that we realized we needed to schedule some time to be together and just focus on each other. Sure, we eat dinner together and talk sometimes. Or we eat dinner in front of the tv. But after that we go our separate ways into our own rooms (craft room for me, office for him) to work on stuff until it's time to say goodnight. And this is the routine. And we like routine. And it's hard to shake out of routine.
Enter: Date Night. The challenge: Our budget is $15.00 Yup. That's it. Gonna have to get creative here!
We decided that we would each take one date night a month to plan and tonight is the first one. I offered to go first and this is what I have come up with:

The Hit the Books Date Kit

I know I probably could have come up with something on my own, but, please see description of extreme busy life above. If I can pay someone $10 to come up with something for me? I'm totally there.
The best part is that we are both book nerds, so this is not arduous in the least and I'm still $5 in budget, so we can each get a small coffee to drink in the cafe while we go over the stuff we've found.
There are 5 phases or groups of stuff to find. We are only doing Phase 1 tonight, so we have 4 more phases that we can do on 4 other dates throughout the year. Score!!!! So, I actually have now planned 5 dates for $2  each. Beat that, hubbykins! ;)

I will let you know how it goes. Don't pass out from excitement in the meantime. ;)


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