Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yin and Yang

Hi there-I realized that I had better update my blog. Since it had been, like, 7 months!

Within those seven months I have done a lot of sewing and learning to sew. Originally I was going to start quilling and card making for a living. But lets be honest, it's really difficult to make any sort of living that way. It's difficult to make a living as an artist, period! And, I know I'm not THAT good. So, I turned to sewing.

My sister had a new baby in June and I offered to make her a diaper bag. A diaper bag turned into that plus a changing pad, plus a wet bag, plus a wipes a pieced blanket...and I was hooked.
Similar to quilling, I love taking strips of fabric (or paper) and turning them from nothing into something beautiful.

I quit my 'real' job a couple weeks ago. I decide to make the leap and do this crazy thing. The next day, my mother in law was diagnosed with brain cancer. Talk about ups and downs.

I was ecstatic for my new adventure, but devastated for my family. So now I am taking each day as it comes. I sew and create when I can, I help my MIL with her needs when I can and I find time for my husband dogs when I can. Oh, yeah, and time for ME! Like this blog and all my new blog friends. :)

Here is a picture of my latest finished sewing project. Mommy and Me aprons for my sister's birthday. I think they came out beautifully! ;)

Til next time,


  1. Glad that you took the plunge Jansie...I used to make clothes for people a long time ago. It is hard work, but I enjoyed it. Your items turned out great...You used my favorite colour pink. GOod luck with your venture,and thanks for adding the follower gadget, so I could join. If you need any help with anything, give me a shout.

  2. We love our aprons!! You are so talented and creative. I'm so glad I get to watch you on your journey. I know you're going to do great!! Love you, sis!