Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Style Stitches Monthly Challenge - Month 3

Well...this was a very challenging month for me in regard to my Style Stitches project.
I had decided to kill two birds with one stone on this.
I have a cyber friend coming into town on business and we are going to meet and hang out for the day, for the first time!!
We are both crafty types and we agreed that we wanted to make each other something. Jenn suggested a 'swap' and I was very excited to participate. The rules were, we swap some of our favorite fabrics and notions and the other person had to use those materials to make 'Something That Holds Stuff'. :) Soooo, since she is traveling for business quite a bit lately I decided to make her some travel bags that could be used to hold little essentials.

THEN I got her bag. I already pretty much knew what I was in for because I have seen her quilts and art and HOUSE, but..when actually confronted with the explosion of color and texture and 'Jenn-ness' of it all..I freaked. It is just so NOT ME. How the heck am I going to create something that she would like?? Nothing I do will be cool enough or beautiful enough or worthy enough of her items.

Then I got annoyed with myself and said, 'Just do it. It will work out'.

And here are the results:

All five bags 

Front of Xtra Small Bag. 

 Front of Mini Bag


Front of Small Bag (the bag has the same prints)

Butterfly on the zipper..also provided by Jenn. 

Front of Medium Bag


Front of Xtra Large Bag. Prints the same for the back, minus the fiber art.

*sigh* I dunno. Nothing that I would carry, just because it screams sensory over-load to me. It's too much. I need clean lines and matching prints and colors. But will Jenn like it??? Time will tell. She gets here next Monday. Will let you know! ;)


  1. Now see - we are our worse critic. I love them and for anyone who travels alot - many little zippy bags are great. And you learned to work outside your comfort zone.

  2. Ah, Jan! I'm just like you! Sensory over load! And I don't know anything about Jenn, but since those were her fabrics, I'm guessing she will love these! The style you used for the bags match the fabrics perfect! Great job! Do we get to see what she made you?

  3. Jenn is a fiber artist. Her quilts are AMAZING pieces of art. And her house is the same...beautifully colored walls and accessories. Everything about her is colorful and fun. And yes, I will of course post about what she makes me!! You will be shocked, but it involved red and black and roses. lol ;)